February 12, 2008

Beanpot: BU vs. NU - 2/11/08

Last night was the third place game (and Championship) of the Beanpot. Here are three signs I made, one of them is not like the other:

Simple and to the point

If you cannot tell, it is the poking finger from Facebook and T.O.C.O.T.H.

Yes indeed those are #6, Defenseman from Northeastern David Strathman's 2006-2007 stats

The answer? The answer is #2, the poking finger. When I showed up to TD Banknorth last night all of these signs but the finger were taken away by a security guard who must've either went to NU or hated his kids/wife/life. He didn't give a reason why he was taking my posters away and locking them in a storage closet on the entrance level of the Garden. When I asked if he would be there at the end of the game so I could get my signs back he said (I kid you not), "maybe. And maybe they'll be thrown out by then." Saying this guy was a HUGE asshole would be putting it lightly. I hope he enjoys his future working minimum wage and making college hockey less fun for everyone (mostly people in costumes).

I was fortunate enough to get these signs back at the end of the game from a different guard. When the guard who retrieved the signs read them he laughed very hard. Good for him.

The game (between the student sections), well, the Dog House did dominate the Dog Pound in cheers and in numbers. Not gonna lie, the Dog House had it going on during the (meaningless) Consolation game. Thanks a lot you fairweather BU fans.

Colin Wilson is ridiculous. His first goal last night changed my life. (much like Tom Morrow's and Eric Gryba's goals) Wilson literally wound up and cocked for like 2 seconds before he scorched it glove side on NU goalie Brad Thiessen. I can't see Wilson sticking around for next year at BU. But boy, I would love to be wrong.

Fake BU (Binghamton University) comes to the Roof tonight to take on the men's basketball team who is looking to make it 4 in a row. Fake BU is banged up badly with injuries - this one is winnable.

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