February 6, 2008

Beanpot: BU vs. BC - 2/4/08

Well, that sucked.

There isn't a worse way to lose in the first round for the first time since 1994. I didn't even know colleges had hockey in 1994. Now, not only has it consumed by life, it's broken my heart.

I was looking at it this way - if the Terriers could beat BC they would win the Beanpot. Furthermore, this would be the turning point in the season where the Terriers would go on a STREAK, maybe loosing only one game the rest of the season and punching a ticket to the tournament.

Now, not only does all of this seem very unlikely, it's impossible.

Nathan Gerbe has ruined, absolutely ruined Boston University. This season the midget of the Hockey East has scored 6 goals and 3 assists against BU. Unfortunately, he is looking like a Hobey front runner and a consistent Terrier killer. And to think, Jason Lawrence was on the same US-18 team with Gerbe. One skyrocketed, the other, well the other is Jason Lawrence.

What a terrible evening. NU fans heckled us (the dog pound) for most of the game, then we go down in OT, then we have to take a T all the way home surrounded by Super Frauds. The funny thing is, if BU had won, the T's would've been the jumpoff. The ride home was basically silent. It's like the Super Frauds didn't know what had just happened. F them. F Boston College. F Nate Gerbe.

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