February 29, 2008

John HOLLA Has Metal Legs - BU vs. Hartford - 2/28/08

Topping: Ketchup
Sport: Men's Basketball
Final Score: BU - 97 Hartford - 66

It may have been pricey and they may be kind of heavy, but John Hollands December metal leg operation has truly proved to be a success.

I think his vertical is like 67 inches or something like that. I mean, that's what I read somewhere (in my mind).

Jesus Christ. John Holland. He made a fucking statement last night. He declared himself the America East rookie of the year and proved to the rest of the league in years to come he will be the most dominant player. He will be better than Marqus Blakely. He will be better than Jamar Wilson. He will be nearly impossible to contain in this conference.

Jesus and I were talking last night about the likely hood or imporbability of a John Holland transfer. He has clearly proved to be a VERY good player. But where would he fit in. There are tons of players just like him in the big conferences. Atlantic-10...maybe, but why? Why transfer? There are very few players and teams in the America East that can cover a player like Holland (and Blakely and Wilson). He isn't huge, but he plays huge. He hustles for every minute he's on the court. He could be is the best dunker in the AEC. He's found his outside shot. And he is playing like a superstar right now.

Did I see this coming? I want to say kind of. I never thought he would drop 38 in a game. You tell me someone's scoring 38 in a game, I'm guessing Corey. But I'll take HOLLA.

Oh hey, Matt Wolff. I didn't know you liked to act like the mailman? 7 assists. I applaud your work.

Oh, and 11 boards. I would give you a bro hug if you were here right now.

Finally, we had 3:08 to get 3 points. And we couldn't do it. DAMN I wanted 100. So close yet so far. Tunde was working for it. Killen was busting his ass (goaltending included). Tully...play with confidence out there. I know you're better than that(?). Maybe we'll get a chance to see them again on Sunday at Albany on NESN. Or maybe even the tournament. If BU wins Sunday the #2 seed is highly probable. (For 2nd - BU win. UMBC win. That's all it takes to get UNH next Saturday.)

My god, this team looks good heading into Vestal, NY.

February 28, 2008

I'm sorry officer, I thought this was America

At the level of play that Division-I sports provide, if a player can't keep up with the intensity of an 8 student crowd at Case for a women's basketball game, do they really deserve to be on the court for competitive play? At the women's basketball game against New Hampshire last night, everyone from the staff at the roof to UNH parents in the crowd attacked us until we were forced into silence. I'm sorry, but I thought this was America.

Apparently that image of a flag waving means nothing to anyone anymore. Isn't that why the Hot Dog carries a flag? Does no one love America?

Our ability to express our thoughts at games has gone down the tubes as Allan Weinberg (facilities manager) has virtually cut off most of our rituals/chants. After chanting "Sucks" during starting lineups last night, we were given a warning. After witnessing an airball as UNH's first shot of the game, our traditionally "AIRBALL, AIRBALL, AIRBALL...YOU SUCK!" chant warranted a near ejection from the game for the Hot Dog and I. 
We can adapt. We changed the suck to "sunk" and things were fine...or were they?
With about 12 minutes to play in the first half, a dad of a UNH player (likely an airball victim) approached the Hot Dog and I. He looked something like this: 

 Gotta love New Hampshire.

Anyways, he approached us to tell us how "obnoxious" and "offensive" we are and how this type of language does not belong in a college gym.  

Really? College? DI? And we wonder why we can't get students into the seats.

The Hot Dog and I responded by telling him of our recent switch to "sunk," but it did not seem to phase him. We continued to reason with him for five minutes, but after I placed my hand on his shoulder to try and mediate the situation, it pissed him off all the more. He slowly moved closer to my face until he was about 6 inches away and in spitting distance. I saw a fist fight in the making, but instead Allan came over to settle down this crazed father. After the nascar enthusiast rode back to his seat on his high horse, Allan pulled us aside, stating he "needs to think about this for a few days" before he can make a decision on what to do. Where's the love? 

We had our first near-death experience with a player's parent. Just another episode to cross off the to-do list...

And by the way, there was a women's basketball game, too. Another blowout win for the Terriers at the roof, 66-39. The women's team (+ HD and J) are unstoppable. When we arent't there, well that's another story.

February 26, 2008

Men's Athletics...Obsessed With Even Numbers

Something I came to realize while spending 5 hours in the library yesterday - BU men's hockey and basketball are obsessed with even numbers -

16 - BU hockey's ranking both in the Coaches poll and in the PairWise rankings.

6 - Consecutive games won by the BU hockey team.

2 - Straight wins by the basketball team.

4 - Straight weeks John HOLLA has won America East Rookie of the Week

4 - Players averaging double figures for the basketball team. Unlikely? Probably not. But who would have thought that Tyler Morris wouldn't be one of them and John Holland would be?

14 - BU hockey wins.

12 - BU hockey conference wins.

12 - BU basketball wins.

8 - BU basketball conference wins.

2 - Place in the standings BU basketball would tie for with a win on Thursday.

2 - Current place the hockey team resides in the standings.

4 - Games left for the hockey team in the regular season.

2 - Games left for the basketball team in the regular season.

6 - Home wins and loses for both the hockey and basketball team this year.

36 - Points for both Boomer Ewing and Petey Mac this season.

2 - Points Tunde Agboola has scored in 4 minutes of play this season. That's a point every two minutes and that makes him one of the most efficient players in college basketball.

Okay, maybe I'm just obsessing too much. Maybe not. GO EVEN NUMBERS, GO!!!!

In other, unfortunate news, it doesn't look like this Green Label Art event at the basketball game Thursday will be going down :(. Sorry all.

February 25, 2008


First, Men's basketball:

The Terriers win in Saturday's Braketbuster was a big win. It wasn't a pretty win, just looking at the box score, but it was a win. It's not just good for Terriers - it's good for all of the America East. A 3-1 AEC record on Bracketbuster Saturday bodes well for the conference and the conference's RPI. And BU gets the first AEC Bracketbuster win ever. WE ARE HISTORIC.

ANYWAYS, the Terrier defense came to play Saturday. Again. I've said it before and I'll say it again (I hope) - Dennis Wolff's famed defense is back. That is great going into the stretch -

The Terriers had 11 steals while forcing 19 St. Peter's turnovers. The dynamic duo (Lowe/Holland) continued to impress/dominate - 40/69 Terrier points. I think this game has sealed the deal for me - I'm now a firm believer of this -

Screw just going to the game. I liked Obama but their campaign pitch makes a lot of sense - throw alley-oops, slam dunk a lot, run shit. I'm even going to put aside the fact that they're both in CGS.

I'm so pumped for the last Terrier home game of the season - Senior Night (will feature no seniors). But there will be sweet 2008 campaign T-shirts and Mountain Dew a plenty. Mountain Dew? Yes, MOUNTAIN DEW. SO EXTREME!!!!

Unfortunately there won't be any Dorito's.

Jesus and I are showing off some new Mountain Dew Green Label Art cans -

Come by the table in the lobby for free Dew and a chance to win a BU basketball jersey.

I think BU will win. My honest opinion right now. I'm hoping the game will be another fake BU/Maine game. Domination the entire way. Thursday's also going to be a good showcase of the frontrunners for RotY - John HOLLA and Hartford's Morgan Sabia. I can't wait. (Also - Dance Team member singing the National Anthem...what can't they do?!?!)

Women's Basketball:

Home is where the heart is. Or is it home is where Hot Dog and Jesus are? This women's team, for whatever reason, can't seem to win games when Jesus and I aren't there. The Terriers dropped a tough one @ UVM on Saturday - 65-56.

The Catamounts shut down Christine Kinneary which pretty much led to their win. Kinneary was held to 2 points with 3 assists to 4 turnovers. The Terriers limited UVM star Courtnay Pilypaitis to a game high 17. Still, didn't matter, BU women continue to have major trouble on the road.

Unfortunately, Wednesday nights game will be the last regular season game Jesus and I will be able to attend for the women's team. (AE Men's tournament during Senior Night) That means the ladies will have to win 3 without us. Or try to at least.

Right now BU is tied with fake BU at the 4 slot in the conference. 4 games left, I could see BU winning all of them - UNH/UA at home where the Terriers don't lose and then UMBC/SB on the road, two weaker teams.

Regardless, all that really matters in both men's and women's is the tournament. Everyone is on a level playing field and all that matters is the game at hand. As February comes to an end I realize how excited I am getting for March college basketball.

February 24, 2008

BU vs. NU - Home/Home - 2/22/08 and 2/23/08

Topping: Chili
Sport: Men's Hockey
Final Score(s): 7-4 (W), 3-2 (W)

In the last 10 Terrier sporting events I've gone to, BU is a perfect 10-0. Awesome. It feels so good to be a fan right now. Granted (as I've said this before) we've won nothing yet. We haven't won home ice for the quarterfinals of the Hockey East tournament and we surely don't have any seed locked up in both men and women's America East basketball tourney.

But for now, it feels great.

I would like to attribute all this Terrier success to two things:

My Tom Morrow Coast-to-Coast T-shirt

My 2003 Love it Love NBA Playoffs Tour Headband that I got at a Philadelphia 76ers game, you know, back when they were good

You see, I've changed up shirts a lot during the early part of every season. I needed to find the right one, the most consistent shirt in getting Terrier team wins. It started out with the Coast-to-Coast as that was my go-to. Then I tried changing it up to other red shirts. Like:

And all the standard BU basketball/hockey/soccer/lacrosse shirts they always hand out.

Well, after 10 games of straight victories I can safely say Coast-to-Coast is back. The memory of Tom Morrow lives on.

I've been through 3 headbands this year. I lose them. A lot. I don't usually lose things, but for some reason, headbands disappear on me. Luckily, I haven't lost this headband (yet) because it has never seen a loss.

This weekend was fun. Beating NU TWICE. Doesn't get much better than that. Well, it would've been a lot better if I (BU) had won the hot dog eating contest during the first intermission at Matthews.

Do you remember this? Well, it actually was for real. Nancy, head of basketball marketing at BU, asked me if I could do it. Knowing it was legit, I agreed. I wasn't about to wear my costume though. I picked two solid eaters - Mr. Chris Deacon and Mr. Nooka Jones - and at the 8 minute mark of the first period we went to the zamboni entrance to prepare for the first annual Matthews Arena NU/BU Spikes Hot Dog Eating contests.

My teammates both ate their hearts out. Chris Deacon led off and destroyed the overmatched NU kid. Then Nooka Jones controlled the lead, passing the pressure all onto the anchor - me. I thought I pounded the actual hot dog pretty well. When I got to that beast of a Spikes bun though, things got rough. I tried dipping it in water like Takeru Kobayashi but it wasn't helping much. I looked over to the NU anchor who had broken the dog in half and forcefully shoved it down his throat. When he got to the bun it looked like he just deep-throated it. I had lost, I had let my team down. I was dejected, disgusted and full. BU was defeated, but for the only part of the night.

The rest of the game was awesome though - 7 goals. SEVEN. Hot damn. It felt good to walk out of Matthews, back into a blizzard, finally seeing a win at NU. (1-1-1 all time).

Last night's game was a little crazy. Crazy in that it was one of the ugliest if not the ugliest win for this team this season.

Boomer Ewing is a stud. After taking control of the game in the third with a goal and an assist he decided to treat the crowd by getting a 10 minute game misconduct with 1.1 seconds left. Awesome.

Gryba's second period hit at around the 10 minute mark was electric. I've never seen a crowd get up for a hit like last night.

I thought that the crowd was pretty good at HAA last night - it wasn't a BC atmosphere but it was definitely more lively than against Maine. And section 108 got a visit from Sasquatch? What's up with that. I did like that little graphic they had made for him though I found that funny.

My signs got a lot of love on the jumbotrons. Unfortunately, my two favorites were not thrown up there -

The NU players (and all the dudes working in the zamboni pit) did all laugh when they saw the Strathman sign. Sometimes the truth really is hilarious.

Let me just tell you about the greatest thing the band has ever come up with - the "Ole" song. Okay, so BU gets penalized and all of a sudden a trumpet starts blaring out what sounds like a triumphant theme. Everyone in 118 was looking at each other like, "hey, what is going on? This sounds new." And then, there it was, the drums, the brass, the flute, everything, in perfect unison doing the "Ole" song. This catapulted all of 118 to join in and it led beautifully into the penalty kill. And what was best was how it kept everyone in unison together. My god Band, what will you do next?

Did anyone else smell a very strong smell of marijuana during the first intermission in 118? Cause I sure did. I looked around for David Strathman but couldn't find him. I need answers!?!

That GOALrilla is sweet. I didn't know they could train monkeys to talk but I hope he's at every game from now on.

Okay, I'm done. I'll give you a basketball weekend write-up/look ahead sometime tomorrow. BU is tied for 2nd in the Hockey East now and has a .500 record for the first time all season. My guess is they might break into the top 20, at least top 25 in tomorrow's rankings. Who would have thought that? Oh right. Me -

"Look, our teams don't have good records, there's no dodging that, but you can't possibly tell me there is no potential. I am confident that these teams will pick it up. But it's only going to get delayed as long as the support isn't there. For your sake, I don't want these teams start dominating in Vestal, N.Y. at the America East tournament or in the quarterfinals of the Hockey East when most people are home for break. I keep on being reminded of how awesome the Dog Pound was in Walter Brown Arena, before I got here. I heard it was so loud, so ferocious, so intimidating. I want that, and our teams want it." - Hot Dog - DFP 12/4/08

February 22, 2008

BU vs. Maine - 2/20/08: The Maine Finale

Topping: Onions
Sport: Men's Basketball
Final Score: BU - 73 Maine - 54

The Terriers 3rd straight televised game was won in the first minute and a half. BU started the game on an 8-0 run when Maine coach Ted Woodward had to use his first timeout. One minute and thirty seconds into the game.

BU established dominance early and did not let up. John Holland is phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal. I don't care what anyone else says he should be the Rookie of the Year in the America East. He will make a huge impact on this conference for years to come.

Which brings me to my next thought - the years to come. I think the theme of "transfers" loomed with the Terrier team for the first half of the season. First, Will Creekmore called it quits by early December, then BU saw two past players - Etienne Brower and Tony Gaffney - during a road game at UMass, then rumors of Corey Lowe leaving at the end of the year circulated around the internet. John Holland's recent, unbelievable play has made me wonder...could he be the reason that Corey will stay? Corey Lowe is a great player with so much talent - he has options to leave if he wanted to play elsewhere. But Johnny boy and Corey were quite a tag-team on Wednesday. Corey would throw the ball feet to the left of the basket and then all of a sudden John HOLLA would be there catching it and throwing it down.

John's dunking ability amazes me. I remember on an uncontested fast break in the first half Case Gym went completely silent in anticipation of John Holland's leaping abilities. He threw down the hardest dunk I've ever seen at Case. I'm sure he'll change that though - there will be dunks for years to come.

Corey and John have great chemistry. Maybe Definitely better than Corey and Carlos. And speaking of Carlos, he proved he hasn't really lost a step. He dropped 10 and contributed solid minutes. BU is deep on the bench and very dangerous when healthy. Tons of weapons.

Their most useful weapon on Wednesday though - their defense. 22 Maine turnovers, 15 in the first half. Hey, thanks for losing the game in the first half Black Bears! BU had 14 steals, which is absurd/awesome. This defense SHUT down Maine. SHUT DOWN. I've said it before and I'll say it again - Dennis Wolff's famed defense is back. (Becuase the Terriers are COMPLETELY healthy for the first time all year.)

Overall these 6 days/4 games of BU vs. Maine action were sweeeeeet.

Men and Women's Basketball combined totals (2 games):

BU - 28
Maine - 49

BU - 150
Maine - 109

BU - 27
Maine - 11

BU - 42
Maine - 19

The only statistical category BU lost to Maine at all was rebounds. But who really needs rebounds these days?

Is that Colby Cohen?

Thank you Maine. Thank you Corey Lowe and Christine Kinneary for 9 assists. Thank you BU for dominating America East basketball recently at the Roof. KEEP IT UP.


- The female ref from last game told Alan, who told me, that she had to include the "heckling" from the BU student section (6 kids). I am shocked and amazed. She is reporting us for "Push It" among getting on the girl's case who cried. We really toned our trash talk down for that game, but that's still not enough. I don't know what could/would result from her report.

- Flute Guy returned. The band sounded HOT.

- A young kid, probably like 14 walked by and put his hand up for a high five from me. When I went to give it to him HE PULLED AWAY. His friend behind him asked for one but I refused saying, "you can blame your friend. No more free high fives. Five dollars." The kid didn't have the money. What is up with that? Gimme a high five if you raise up.

- When the BU fan section busted out a "Push it" on a debatable call one of the refs turned to us and said, "Hey, come on that hurts my feelings." I chuckled. That's all the though. These refs, unlike nearly all of them before them, were good refs. Maybe that's just because it was a blowout.

- Yes, Jesus wasn't there. He can't help it that he is completely overloaded with homework and not getting paid for going to basketball games...Unfortunately, like all athletes - Grades > Sports (Maybe?)

- BU basketball fan base is growing? Or was that just because of it being on TV? I'd like to believe the former.

Great game. Again. Again. Too many sports this weekend - I can only watch 2 of them. Home/home with NU hockey. It's gonna be fun.

February 20, 2008

We <3 You Too Valdas

Under that always-angry-look on your face there is a loving Lithuanian.

I just gotta say, and I think I speak for Jesus too, Valdas Sirutis rocks. Only this year I've really noticed this. Well, ever since he started bangin' 3's. But this really makes our relationship with Valdas all the more awesome - from today's America East Kid Corner: Meet...Boston's Valdas Sirutis:

Q: The best thing about being a BU Terrier is...
A: Having Jesus and HotDog cheering for you at every game. They are the two best fans in the America East.

Seriously, that's flattering. We're fans of you guys, I'm glad you enjoy what we do too. I won't miss you play, Valdas and (as long as you don't transfer *cough cough Creekmore*) I'll never stop cheering for you.

BU vs. Maine - 2/19/08

Terriers Women's basketball is awesome. I have not ever seen them lose a game live. Ever. 7-0. Even better - they haven't lost at Case gym all year.

Ya see, Memphis coach John Calipari said it best yesterday on Pardon the Interruption, "when a team is expected to win there is that added pressure on them." I do believe that every time the Lady Terriers enter the Roof they are expected to win, but I do not believe that they feel that added pressure.

From the start of the game this team completely controlled it. Actually I should say Christine Kinneary controlled it. She probably won't get recognition for player of the year in the America East but hey, neither will Jay Greene. Yet he is one of the most dominating players in the AEC. So much like Christine Kinneary. If Christine Kinneary was an another team I would probably hate her as much as I hate Jay Greene. But she is a Terrier and that is awesome.

She rocked that game last night - 12 points, 9 assists. I really wanted her to get that 10th, but whatever. She has proved she can score - last game against fake BU - 23 points. She knows how to pass, like, probably better than Marques Johnson (sorry, Marques). And she's all ours.

Cheri Raffo was honored at the game last night for scoring 1,000 points at BU. How wonderful, and again congratulations Cheri. Quite an accomplishment.

Before the game even started Alan approached me to tell me something (I was assuming something like, "don't curse tonight. You know the routine."). He told me that during warm ups one of the refs (the only female one) heard the band say "sucks," probably just in casual conversation. She warned Alan that if she heard this during the game it could mean a BU technical foul. Alan told me to tell all the Dog Pound (6 students) not to say that during the game. I sighed and thought to myself, "this ref is going to be a bitch."

When the game started, I could tell she was. When I yelled, "what nationality are you," to Kris Younan while she was on the free throw line (you know, just trying to find out some answers. We really coudln't tell), the female referee turned around and "No-no Mutomboed me."

I was shocked and awed. Did that just happen? I tried to limit my heckling through the rest of the game, but when Maine freshman
Christina Mosher fouled out with 17:49 left in the second half and started crying, I just couldn't resist. She had to hear a, "she's still crying" chant. That felt rewarding.

And finally, STRESS BALLS ARE BACK. Whenever there's a three you better believe the Dance Team (and maybe some cheerleaders tonight?) are gonna throw them to the crowd. I dont' know about you, but I'm pumped.

I love this Terrier women's team and I can't wait to WATCH THEM ON TV on Saturday at UVM. They currently stand tied at third with Albany. A win against current #2 Vermont on the road would do wonders.

February 19, 2008

HD&J Kicks it Up a Notch

We have been attending so many basketball and hockey games that my grades have taken a good slap in the face and I find myself with no free time outside of the hours spent at The Roof and Agganis arena. Naturally, this would be a problem if we were losing. 

Beginning this semester, The Hot Dog and I started to attend every women's basketball home game on top of our normal men's basketball and hockey games. Last week we sat through roughly twelve hours of sporting events in the three hockey games, two men's basketball games (one on TV), and one women's basketball game. My roommate works fewer hours than that...and he has a real job.

Either way, our record while in attendance since The Hot Dog and I kicked it up a notch has been very rewarding. Sure, my grades are going to hell. But I am willing to sacrifice that. Since I am an athletic training major, shouldn't I get some sort of extra credit for helping out...?
Here are some stats with us in attendance after the fall semester ended:

Hockey Games: 5-3-2 (Compared to a 12-14-4 record)

Women's Basketball Games: 7-0 (Compared to 14-10)

Men's Basketball Games: ____ I'd rather not say, given that in late December we had a bit of a road trip and it was not pretty. For more assuring records, see women's basketball.

Ok the actual record is 2-7. But that isn't much of a stretch from their current record. I'm doing what I can dammit! 

Also, this semester we've noticed a lot more of the creepy/candid Hot Dog and Jesus pictures being taken. They are running all around facebook, I don't know whether to be scared or flattered.
The first picture was taken by a University of Wisconsin student at the BU Holy Cross basketball game. Something isn't adding up. I'm still waiting for when I wake up in the middle of the night to see someone with a knife in hand standing over my bed breathing heavily. Once again – Should I be scared or flattered? I just don't know anymore.

BU @ UMBC - 2/17/08

And the streak ends. The 5-game men's basketball winning streak and the 6 day Terrier athletic winning streak.

Men's basketball in playing how they should right now; they're playing the way every preseason fan of the America East (all 14 of us) thought the Terriers would play.

The men's game Sunday was on TV here in Boston and thank god it was. From what I saw, first off, UMBC has a NICE gym. Looking at the box score - 3,492 in attendance, that ain't half bad for America East play.

Furthermore - our scorers scored - Tyler, John HOLLA, Corey and Scott all in double figures. And Matt Wolff (MATT WOLFF?) with 8. 19 lead changes in the game. Holy shit that's a lot.

UMBC played 6 guys. That 6th guy killed the Terriers. The only player off UMBC's bench, transfer Cavell Johnson dropped 19 which proved to be the difference.

To be fair UMBC was missing their second best player, Brian Hodges. BU missing Carlos Strong. (I really hope he comes back soon. But, where will he fit in on this team? HOLLA has filled his void.)

Woa, woa, who is UMBC's #1 then? As much as I hate to admit it, it is Jay Greene. Jay Greene is the Nate Gerbe of America East basketball. He's so easy to hate but I would take him on my team in a heartbeat. It is nice to see Wolff's defense hold him to a mere 5 assists, 2 lower from his game average.

I am very confident in this team. They will be the most dangerous in the tournament for any other opponent. But here's the catch, any seed lower than the 2 seed will mean playing another very scary America East team.

1 - UMBC
2-6 - BU/fake BU/Albany/UVM/Hartford
7-9 - UNH/Maine/SB

I don't want to be stuck playing UVM or Albany in the first round of the tournament. But that is a very real possibility. Shit. BU needs 3 wins. That would leave them at 10-6 and in a great position to take the 2nd seed. And it's also 2 games better than last years Terriers who made some noise in the conference tourney. Maine on Wednesday - should be a win. Women's basketball against Maine tomorrow. As long as Jesus and I are there that should be a win too.

BU vs. Maine - 2/16/08

The second of the two game home stand didn't disappoint. This is the exact weekend the Terriers needed. Well, maybe more than 3 goals, but whatever, I'll take four points.

If you had told me the Terriers would only score 3 goals against Maine before the weekend began I would have said we were bound to lose both games. No, I would have said we were definitely going to lose two games, no question.

I would've been wrong. Brett Bennett stepped up to make stops and get his first ever shutout. The attendance was slightly higher for the second OT game in a row and a much more boring one.

I've said it once and I'll say it again - Maine sucks. But Ben Bishop is good. So sorry Ben, I do feel kind of bad for you because you are the only thing that has kept this team from a winless season (you should probably get credit for all the Black Bear goals this season, no lie).

I love close hockey, but scoreless hockey isn't that fun. I remember last year, two 0-0 ties at Agganis. Thank God Colin Wilson nailed it home with a minute thirty to go. He is playing so well since returning from World Juniors in December. Wilson is standing out right now which is only going to help his draft stock and hurt the Terriers chances with him in for four years.

Oh. Well. Two wins are two wins. There is no doubt that the next two games are the most crucial games for the Terriers - home and home with Northeastern.

The USCHO message board has blown up already with lots and lots of call outs from both BU and NU fans. This supposed rivalry has pretty much erupted into a real rivalry - BU fans and NU fans are clearly some of the most passionate in college hockey, there's no denying that.

I look forward to visiting Matthews Arena on Friday. I always do. However I hate the artificial noisemakers that NU fans ALWAYS have. I hear it's pots and pans night for Friday's game - NU students probably don't have to look to hard to try to find their future tools of trade (HAHAHA I KID).

February 16, 2008

BU vs. Maine - 2/15/08

Welp, that was cool. As I was sitting there watching Ben Bishop single-handedly stay in the game with the Terriers the only thought running through my mind was we're either gonna tie this game or lose it on a bullshit break for da Bears.

Thank god that didn't happen. And even better - the overtime only last 10 seconds. Only 10 seconds!!!

Some people might think this is one of the shortest overtimes in Terrier/college hockey history. I knew right away when I looked to see 4:50 on the clock it wasn't the shortest OT. I remembered distinctly - Yale @ BU - November 25th, 2006. Matt Gilroy gets the 2-1 gwg 9 seconds into overtime. Who had the first goal in that Yale game a season ago? Luke Popko. Who had last nights 2-1 gwg? Luke Skywalker Popko.

Luke's lovin' those games. Me - not so much.

BU dominated Maine last night. Maine actually looks VERY bad this year. Defensively, they were a mess. The only thing that kept this game from being a sever beatdown was Ben Bishop (and his dirty stick throwing). 31 saves for Bishop and one 2 minute penalty for THROWING HIS STICK TO STOP A GOAL. Shouldn't it have been a penalty shot for that?

And Bishop is like 6'5. He definitely resembles Manbearpig.

I feel bad for the guy though. I mean, he is a dirty player but this is the first year at Maine where he won't get 21 wins in a season. His team really does suck and there ain't nothing he can do about it.

Before the game started someone set Bennett's save percentage over/under at 89. I took the under. I lost - Bennett - 94%. On 18 shots. That's good, right?

And finally, 118 was at it's weakest last night. It doesn't motivate me to try to start cheers and even join in on other's when I know no one else around me is going to be chanting. I can't remember it being this stagnant/slow/boring in the student section ever. What's up with that? We have a 3 game winning streak! Where are the bandwagoners? Come back, we're getting better (winning record in the Hockey East. Winning record!!). 108 looked empty as did a lot of the seats in the arena - only 4,955 in attendance. Were they giving our free money somewhere else on campus? This is BU-Maine! We haven't lost to them in 8 games - this is Hockey East at its finest/worst.

Good Ok game. Good win. First Hockey East 1-goal-game victory for the Terriers. Now we go for 6 straight days of BU wins tonight against Maine. GO BU.

February 15, 2008



Simply put, Boston University (athletics, let me specify) is so hot right now. (Kind of like Hansel)

Monday: BU Men's Hockey beats NU
Tuesday: BU Men's Basketball beats fake BU (Binghamton)
Wednesday: BU Women's Basketball beats fake BU
Thursday: BU Men's Basketball BEATS UVM

Both the women's game on Wednesday and tonights Valentines game were tremendous for the Terriers. Here's what I learned from these past 2 games (and what the hell, Tuesday nights too):

1. If Kristine Kinneary wants to score she will score.

2. Coach Dennis Wolff's famed defense is back.

3. Tyler Morris isn't the same Tyler Morris from last season.

4. John HOLLA will win Rookie of the Year in the America East.

5. UVM is very easily beatable. But Marqus Blakely is goood. His shithawk is still ugly though.

6. BU Women's team has a whole lot of weapons on the bench.

7. Marques Johnson really knows how to pass. And Corey Lowe is starting to have faith when he passes. YAY PASSING!

9. Matt Wolff has stepped his game up. Can he thank Dad??

8. BU Men's basketball is playing the best it's played in the last 2 years. If BU matches the 2004-2005 result of an 8 game winning streak it would leave BU at 13-14 overall and 9-5 in AEC play. But I don't want to jump to conclusions, I don't have my mat.

Obviously, I'm excited about what's going on. But we all have to remember, we've won nothing yet. BU needs to stay confident and poised down the stretch. I hope this hot, hot momentum continues into tomorrow nights Men's home hockey game against Maine. Shake that bear.

February 13, 2008

BU vs. Fake BU - 2/12/08

What a game.

What an unbelievable performance.

What the hell just happened?

That sure as hell didn't look like the Terrier team I had gotten used to from a month/2 months ago. This team looked like the team that everyone had been picking to take the conference at the beginning of the season. This is how the Terriers should have and could have played all season. But hey, peaking now is good. As long as this isn't the climax.

Everything worked for the Terriers. And when I say everything I mean John Holland. He is an absolute machine. Last night he convinced me he is not from this earth, but I'm okay with that. Some other things that made last night THE BEST GAME I'VE EVER BEEN TO:

- Mass collision from the dance team as they ran off the court after the starting lineups. #38 Jorie Larson bent down to pick up pieces of the pom pom that had come off and littered the court. #22 Kate Busconi literally truck sticked her into the ground creating one of the most entertaining dance team performances of the semester.

- 45 fouls called. I mean that sucked. It was terrible, but I guess I'll take those high school refs in 26 point blow out.

- The dunks - John Holland can fly. He also enjoys doing it.

- Matt Wolff double digits. Max Gotzler double digits. When will this ever happen again? ENOUGH SAID.

- 26 point win.

- First 4 game winning streak since the 04-05 season.

- Coach Wolff showed ever single emotion. Usually he shows every single emotion except happiness. Last night he showed happiness - he smiled as he left Case to the locker room. HE SMILED.

- The BUDT member I asked to be my Valentine via giant sign said yes.

- BU band right on point.

- Cheerleaders?

2 terribly tough road games - UVM/UMBC. This team can win them both. Yes. They. Can.

See you at the roof tonight (?) for the Women's Pink Out game.

February 12, 2008

Beanpot: BU vs. NU - 2/11/08

Last night was the third place game (and Championship) of the Beanpot. Here are three signs I made, one of them is not like the other:

Simple and to the point

If you cannot tell, it is the poking finger from Facebook and T.O.C.O.T.H.

Yes indeed those are #6, Defenseman from Northeastern David Strathman's 2006-2007 stats

The answer? The answer is #2, the poking finger. When I showed up to TD Banknorth last night all of these signs but the finger were taken away by a security guard who must've either went to NU or hated his kids/wife/life. He didn't give a reason why he was taking my posters away and locking them in a storage closet on the entrance level of the Garden. When I asked if he would be there at the end of the game so I could get my signs back he said (I kid you not), "maybe. And maybe they'll be thrown out by then." Saying this guy was a HUGE asshole would be putting it lightly. I hope he enjoys his future working minimum wage and making college hockey less fun for everyone (mostly people in costumes).

I was fortunate enough to get these signs back at the end of the game from a different guard. When the guard who retrieved the signs read them he laughed very hard. Good for him.

The game (between the student sections), well, the Dog House did dominate the Dog Pound in cheers and in numbers. Not gonna lie, the Dog House had it going on during the (meaningless) Consolation game. Thanks a lot you fairweather BU fans.

Colin Wilson is ridiculous. His first goal last night changed my life. (much like Tom Morrow's and Eric Gryba's goals) Wilson literally wound up and cocked for like 2 seconds before he scorched it glove side on NU goalie Brad Thiessen. I can't see Wilson sticking around for next year at BU. But boy, I would love to be wrong.

Fake BU (Binghamton University) comes to the Roof tonight to take on the men's basketball team who is looking to make it 4 in a row. Fake BU is banged up badly with injuries - this one is winnable.

February 11, 2008

BU vs. SBU - 1/9/08

BU men's basketball wins at home? I haven't seen this since Will Creekmore was still on the team.

In all seriousness, BU played the exact game they needed to in order to win this game. It wasn't pretty, by any means, but the score - 64-60 wasn't as close it would seem.

John Holland should be Rookie of the Year in the AE in my opinion. I know some would say that Alvin Abreu of UNH or Morgan Sabia of Hartford are the front runners but John Holland comes into every AE game on the verge of a double double. Every single game. I am so glad he is here at BU because it is obvious this kid has a very bright future; his style of play is perfect in the AE - he's physical, he's fearless, he's a beast. He is my pick this year for RotY.

Emanuel Neto, the Stony Brook center (Favorite musical artist - Coldplay), looks like that guy from the Under Armour commercials - roided up and really scary. He should've done a lot more against BU than he actually did.

BU men get a visit from Binghamton then go on the road against Vermont and UMBC all this week. It is easily the toughest week of basketball for this team. However, a nice thing about the week of Feb 11-17 is that there is a Terrier sport every single day. (Men's basketball/hockey and women's basketball. There is women's hockey, but you know...)

Elsewhere this weekend the lady Terriers lost at Hartford, mostly because Jesus and I weren't there. The men's hockey team got an impressive win over UMass-Lowell. Tonight is the Consolation game of the Beanpot - BU's first since 1994. I've never been more pumped for such a meaningless game. This is only because the student section war that will ensue tonight will probably be as entertaining as the hockey game. Of recent, mostly because of Jesus' article, NU fans and their fan group, The Dog House, have decided the Dog Pound is their arch rivals and that BU and NU has some sort of rivalry. For them, tonight is about proving their manhood, while for the Dog Pound it's a strange unusual 5 pm Monday night game in the second week of February - something none of us are familiar with.

February 8, 2008

Finally, Home Men's Basketball

It feels like a while since I've seen home men's basketball, at Case at least. (Last game at Case - January 22nd) And it's been a REALLY long time since I've seen the men's team win at Case. (December 4th) Yes, I've passed the two month mark and that is incredibly depressing.

Fortunately, because of the bye week, I think this is the healthiest this Terrier team has ever been. It should help that the opponent tomorrow is Stony Brook who resides dead last in the America East.

Here's to tomorrow, hoping BU shows up with their A game and can blow out SB early. And also, here's to hoping this outrageous Stony Brook fan makes the trip:


So I go to Facebook and see this message from Paws Northeastern:
Click to make bigger

I thought about doing it for like 3 seconds then I realized what a terrible idea it is as the only thing that will come out of it is complete harassment from BU rejects.

Jesus' column in the Freep on Wednesday has caused a lot of controversy. The article can be found here.

We do away hockey games, just not in costume. That's like walking in with a giant sign reading, "hey this school sucks. I dare you to fight me."

Maybe on the 23rd Paws, at Agganis.

February 7, 2008

I'm now in with the Gryba family

Well, I asked, and the Gryba sisters delivered.

I have to thank Sarah and VICTORIA Gryba for these awesome pictures. I hope your brother doesn't GRYBA SMASH me.



February 6, 2008

A Month in Review: January 2008

January 2008:

Men's basketball record: 3-6
Men's basketball record at home: 1-3
Men's basketball record away: 2-3
Men's basketball when Jesus/Hot Dog attend: 0-4

Men's hockey record: 2-3-3
Men's hockey record at home: 0-2-1
Men's hockey record away: 2-1-1
Men's hockey record when Jesus/Hot Dog attend: 0-2-2

Women's basketball record: 4-2
Women's basketball record at home: 3-0
Women's basketball record away: 1-2
Women's basketball record when Jesus/Hot Dog attend: 4-0

Women's hockey record: 2-3-1
Women's hockey record at home: 1-1-1
Women's hockey record away: 1-2-0

Terrier's January record: 11-14-4
Terrier's record at home: 5-6-2
Terrier's record away: 6-8-2
Terrier's record when Jesus/Hot Dog attend: 4-6-2

Rough. January.

BU @ UAlbany - 2/6/08

The women's basketball team suffered a devastating 76-50 loss to UA today during a noon game on a Wednesday?? See, that just doesn't make sense and it even angers me. Who was the mental patient who decided it was a good idea to have women's college basketball at 12 during the week. F-ed up.

This all just supports Jesus and my theory -

BU women's basketball:
@ Case Gymnasium: 7-0
when Jesus/Hot Dog are there: 5-0
@ Case Gymnasium when Jesus/Hot Dog are there: 4-0
Away from Case Gymnasium when Jesus/Hot Dog are there: 1-0
Away from Case Gymnasium: 5-9

Well, looking at this, as long as Jesus and I are there at ever remaining game the rest of the season you can expect another national title for Boston University.

Congratulations to Cherri Raffo on her 1,000th career point. That is quite an accomplishment.

Beanpot: BU vs. BC - 2/4/08

Well, that sucked.

There isn't a worse way to lose in the first round for the first time since 1994. I didn't even know colleges had hockey in 1994. Now, not only has it consumed by life, it's broken my heart.

I was looking at it this way - if the Terriers could beat BC they would win the Beanpot. Furthermore, this would be the turning point in the season where the Terriers would go on a STREAK, maybe loosing only one game the rest of the season and punching a ticket to the tournament.

Now, not only does all of this seem very unlikely, it's impossible.

Nathan Gerbe has ruined, absolutely ruined Boston University. This season the midget of the Hockey East has scored 6 goals and 3 assists against BU. Unfortunately, he is looking like a Hobey front runner and a consistent Terrier killer. And to think, Jason Lawrence was on the same US-18 team with Gerbe. One skyrocketed, the other, well the other is Jason Lawrence.

What a terrible evening. NU fans heckled us (the dog pound) for most of the game, then we go down in OT, then we have to take a T all the way home surrounded by Super Frauds. The funny thing is, if BU had won, the T's would've been the jumpoff. The ride home was basically silent. It's like the Super Frauds didn't know what had just happened. F them. F Boston College. F Nate Gerbe.

BU vs. UVM - 2/2/08

This game was very important for a couple different reasons:

1. BU women were undefeated (4-0) when Jesus and I were there. This would be a test as UVM is 2nd in the AEC.

2. This was "Pack the House" day where BU aimed at getting as many people to this game as possible as part of an NCAA contest.

3. Jesus and I were to dance at halftime with the dance team.

Not gonna lie, dancing is hard. Jesus and I worked out with the dance team twice during the week. We each went over our routine countless times in our heads and tried to master but just one dance. The final results looked like this:

We'll be better next time.

Courtnay Pilypaitis dropped 40 points for UVM. I think that's the most points I've ever seen a player score live. That girl is impressive (despite looking like a d00d) and the rest of her team sucks. Pretty much.
BU led the entire game even though I thought the final score doesn't show how close the game actually was, or felt.

The officiating at this game was easily the worst I've ever seen. I've seen a hell of a lot of basketball but these refs were unbelievable. I'm not sexist, at all, but there is no way that there should be three female refs out there. The game really really got out of hand and the officials seemed completely clueless as to what they were doing. A total of 4 players fouled out, 3 from BU, and one on a technical foul because she (Christine Kinneary) just threw her arms up in the air. That doesn't warrant a technical by 99.9% of refs standards.

The America East really needs to take a good hard look at the officials they've hired because I can honestly say, putting my bias aside, the officiating in this league this year is God awful. Terrible. Someone needs to do something.

When I got home I watched BU men win against New Hampshire on NESN. Oh happy day! And Corey Lowe dropped 23. Now please don't leave!!

Scott Brittain is in the f*cking zone right now. It's a shame another Midwestern white boy (Last name starts with C, rhymes with reekmore) thought he was better than everyone else because he could probably really being helping this team (Scott) during conference play.

Rock on weekend of perfection - BU men's hockey, BU women's basketball, BU men's basketball and hey, BU women's hockey.

BU vs. Merrimack - 2/1/08

So I was sitting on my couch, preparing for the Duke/UNC game, only to find out at 9 pm that the game is BLACKED OUT. I'm enraged. I love watching these two teams go at it. It's gets almost as ugly as the teams respective fans.

This was supposed to be the most epic week of sports and now I don't get to watch what is the greatest rivalry in all of college basketball? F that. (EDIT: All I had to do was go up 8 channels from ESPN 30. Finding this out right as the second half starts = moral victory) Here's how this last week of sports has gone:

Why does Merrimack even bother anymore? BU is 12-0 against MC since the 2004 season and 6-0 at Agganis. What's the point? I'm actually mad at Merrimack because the only thing that could possibly happen is an injury. BU won't lose, they could only get hurt.

The Terrier's third period was how everyone wants them to play. Unfortunately, that only seems to happen against Merrimack.

Notable events from the game:

1. Before the game started Eric Gryba's sisters approached me and asked for a picture. I don't care who you are or how/if you know Gryba, if you can get me this picture I will pay you large (by small standards) amounts of money. His sisters names are Sarah and Mathias. I know Sarah was one of the Gryba sisters to take a picture, while the other one didn't look like "Mathias" on Facebook, at least.

2. I was heckled while dancing during the dance contest. These hecklin' "bros" would later haunt me on Monday. It's funny though because they know nothing about hockey and are probably in CGS. Not that that's a bad thing, just they are the scum of the earth.

3. Jade Phame, a fellow BU student, wanted to get on Kiss Cam. There isn't a better way other than to hump my weiner. Dreams do come true, we got on kiss cam.

Watching a win, felt...I'm not sure. Even at the time I knew the game didn't mean much. It's Merrimack, and BC was next.