January 4, 2008

Winter Road Trip: Merrimack

Jesus and I didn't need travel anywhere for this one, other than Harry Agganis Arena. We chose to eat at our favorite pregame restaurant, Spike's Junkyard Dogs. Nothing beats a Rancher Dog. NOTHING.

Anyways, we got to HAA around half an hour before puck drop but was we were walking toward the alley way next to the arena we usually change in when games occur during breaks we both realized that Jesus hadn't brought his headband or beard. This created a problem since Jesus isn't Jesus without a beard. I went in while Jesus took off back to our apartment to hopefully find his facial accessory.

This may have been the best thing to happen us this night. Or at least what triggered it.

See, every hockey game Jesus and I buy six 50/50 tickets from the Dance Team at the entrance of the concourse. I went in, bought my own 50/50 tickets. Jesus showed up to the empty student section right as the Terriers had been introduced. He too had bought 6 tickets. This is twice the amount we usually have each game.

Midway through the second period, with the Terriers already well ahead in the contest, the Dance Team Rafflers approached us to buy one more group of tickets. We couldn't object because, well, they're the Dance Team. How could we say no. Jesus and I bought six more, telling the BUDT to rig it. Something we tell them every time, with minimal results.

Come the third period with about 5 minutes remaining the game was pretty much over. For once BU had dominated an entire game and played well in nearly every area. We even got to see Parker FREAK OUT at the refs for penalizing the wrong player. (This was later made right by the beginning of the third period.) The PA announcer came on to announce the 50/50 winner. I checked my 6 tickets, none of which matched. All of a sudden Jesus is screaming, "we did it, we f-cking did it! We won." WE HAD WON THE 50/50. My God, we won!??!

Of course I expected the find out the BUDT rigged it. However, when I checked with them they told me they had no hand in the winning ticket. The game ended and Jesus and I rolled on a 1 game win streak and $549 extra. SWEEEET.

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