January 16, 2008

Winter Road Trip: January 5th

January 5th featured not only a hockey game against Vermont but our first Women's Basketball game of our 1.5 year career. And let me tell you, they made a fan out of me.

Do me a favor, go to this site and watch that video. (If you have a Mac you're pretty much sh*t out of luck). Yes, that is a half court buzzer beater that needed to be made to win the game, and yes, that changed my life. I am a fan and I will be at every women's game the rest of the year because they are the only Terrier team playing right now with a winning record.

After this buzzer beater, nothing really mattered. I didn't seem too bothered by a 2-2 tie with UVM later that night on what was an amazing goal for the Catamount's second score. Amazing because I couldn't believe it. Literally, Karson Gillespie didn't see it and it sailed right past his face and into the back of the net. He then put his hands out like "WTF?!" Oh well. 2-2-1 on the roadtrip, not bad.

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