January 4, 2008

Winter Road Trip: Holy Cross

Jesus and I drove the Acura 50 minutes to Worcester on Wednesday night for BU's first Men's Basketball game of 2008. I wanted to win this one so bad even though we were going up against what is probably the best team in the Patriot League.

We got to HC about an hour before tip off and found our seats immediately. Right behind the BU bench near the floor, just like the tickets Scott Brittain usually gets for us. (Thanks again, Scott.)

Almost immediately I hear an old man in the section above and behind us yell, "hot dog." I turn around and this a-hole says, "you look like a fool." Now, I'm trying to turn a new leaf for '08 and be more mature/professional at away games. I'm reppin' the school and don't want to give it a bad name. I would usually get into it with this most likely alum from the 50's. However, this time, I choose to ignore it. Yay me.

Nothing really unusual happened until the game started. Jesus and I would always yell a players name three times followed by "you suck" when a player on another team was shooting a free throw. We resumed our usual routine up until about 7 minutes into the game when I heard a police officer call "hot dog."

I went over to him as he motioned for me to come talk. He asked about our fandom and them told me the general manager of the arena wants us to stop yelling "you suck" or we'd be kicked out. I can't say no to that. HC fans of course could yell "hot dog you suck" which they did the rest of the game. No biggie. I guess our yelling was working to well against the 'Saders at the line.

We played the best first half I had seen the Terriers play in a while, we were only down one.

Jesus and I got some food during halftime and returned to our seats. Right as we sat down I noticed a man coming down towards us higher from the bleacher seats. I realize it's Hockey Coach Jack Parker. He comes toward us and shakes both our hands as he says, "you boys travel well." We nod and as he leaves he says "take care" to which I respond, "take care Parker." I don't even call him coach. What the hell came over me? What was I thinking? Such disrespect. I feel terrible, even now. That man deserves more than being called by his last name. Hell, I don't even let people do that to me unless I know them for at least a year.

Anyways, the Terriers lost another close one. Los Strong is a beast. He was so amazingly clutch the entire night. Every shot that needed to be taken and made, he made. Man, he's good and I think should get clear recognition for Most Improved Player of the Year in the AE even at this point.

Holy Cross fans were so much more polite and nice to us than anywhere else I'd been minus BU. They didn't give us any shit except for the one jerkoff who called me a fool when we got there.

The Terriers enter conference play dropping 3 straight but I feel like this is the time that the team is getting it together.

The key is not falling down early. The last 3 games BU all got trapped and fell behind by at least double figures in all three games. This certainly doesn't help as the final scores all show.

Binghamton is Sunday but neither Jesus nor I will be there. Tomorrow is hockey and AE Women's Basketball play. And actually the first BU Women's basketball game of my college career. Woot, I'm pumped!

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