January 30, 2008

Roadtrip: BU @ UNH - 1/26/08

During the home women's basketball game against Hartford (the only game in which I've ever stormed the court) Jesus and I won a free trip with team to UNH. At first I was like "really?" Come last Saturday, I was pumped. When Jesus and I had attended women's games the Lady Terriers were 2-0. Without us, slightly more losses. The ladies wanted us there, they needed their first conference road win. Here is a chronicle, of our epic day with the women's basketball team:

7:30 AM - I can't remember the last time I've woke up this early. Really. I've never seen this early hour of the morning. My mom wakes me with a phone call. She's such a doll. I sleep for like another half hour, crawl out of bed to the shower and get my shit together.

8:23 - Jesus and I leave our place, across from Marsh Plaza, to get to the BU Central T. We were due at T Anthony's at 8:30 to meet with the team. While walking we see Superstar Christine Kinnery and Cheri Rafo wakling ahead of us. We catch up to them as they see their assistant coach across the street. She offers us a ride. Unfortunately I have to sit on Jesus' lap. This is all very discomforting.

8:28 - The assistant coach seems to think Jesus and I are some sort of one night stand. She asks us where to drop us off and we respond the T Anthony's. Christine then tells the coach that we're Hot Dog and Jesus. She thinks about it for like 5 seconds and then responds, "Ohh."

8:30 - We get dropped off. Aly Hinton and Christin Folk are already there. They want to eat their breakfast first. And I don't blame them.

8:32 - Jesus and I sit down at a table and wait for our food. We each pound our bagel sandwiches and sit and wait. The women's team is just beginning to eat. And damn, do they go hard for breakfast. I'm talkin' the works, pancakes, toast, bagels, sausage, bacon, eggs, everything that is delicious. I began regretting only getting a sausage, egg and cheese.

8:45 - We head to the bus and wait while the team gets dressed.

9:15 - Sitting comfortably in the second row window seat I stare out the window as the bus departs from outside of Case.

9:20 - I love looking at the backside of BU when going on the Mass Pike. That evil Photonics building. The funny thing is when it's night they have BOSTON UNIVERSITY lit up on the side of it, but one of the lights is out! LOLZ.

9:25 - I can't stay awake. Hello iPod, hello sleep.

10:35 - I awake right as we pull into UNH. Does anyone else ever notice that. Like, you'll sleep the whole car/bus ride and never wake up until right when you're getting to your destination and/or rest stop.

10:45 - Jesus and I sprawl out in the empty gym. Tyrone Conley of UNH was playing someone one on one. Whoever the other guy was, he was getting pwn3d. And he definitely knew it.

11:00 - UNH women come out to warm up. They look terrible, maybe explaining why they were 0-4 in conference. LOLZ.

11:05 - BU comes out to warm up. I'm dying here, I need a coffee. The dude working the stand said come back in 5 minutes, but that was like 15 minutes ago.

11:15 - I finally. Have. Coffee.

11:20 - Jesus realizes he's drinking flat Coke. He looks at the expiration and sure enough, it was May of last year. He gets a new one but only after saying this Coke comes from December, 2007. LOLZ.

11:30 - UNH band moves us from our seats to behind the BU bench. Fine.

11:35 - We change in the open. I hear a little girl say, "oh my god why is he wearing a hot dog?"

11:45 - The UNH mascot walks buy. Jesus extends for a high five but pulls it behind his ear while the Wildcat is in mid swing. LOLZ.

11:55 - The first person to ask us why we are doing what we're doing. He needs three explanations, leaving even more confused.

12:00 - Tip off. I'm too into the game to try to write down my innermost thoughts.

12:50 - Half time. 35-29 after a late 11-0 UNH run.

1:20 - A high school friend who goes to UNH shows up. He distracts me from the game as he talks about how many pokes he gets from BU kids. (Whenever BU plays UNH I put his name up as a poke target on TOCOTH. LOLZ.)

1:50 - Wow. Ally Hinton wins this game. At the last second. We stole this one. Wow. I am ecstatic. We wait it out for a while then head to the bus.

12:05 - Aboard the bus there are sandwiches waiting for us. Thaz what I'm talkin' 'bout. Jesus and I begin eating and watch the players board. Giving them rounds of applause and fist pounds.

12:15 - The bus leaves. The coaches allow 15 minutes to let the ladies use their phones/eat/relax until they put on the game film. The assistants point out what the players should not for their 6:30-10:00 AM Monday film/practice/lift sessions. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. They are truly warriors.

Once again, they thrilled me. 2/3 games have been won on last second shots. One has been a blowout. Now I sit here after this team became 4-0 tonight against UMBC. They are 4-0 when Jesus and I are there, 6-0 at Case. This team has it. They're clicking right now. Despite having their top post player out for tonights game, they still outrebounded UMBC 50-29. A. My God, A. Amaraci had 9 offensive rebounds, 16 total. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

I can't wait until Saturday FOR THE WOMEN'S BASKETBALL GAME. I hope to see you there.

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