January 30, 2008

BU vs. UVM - 1/25/08

I've delayed writing this because:

1. I've been busy
2. I don't have much to say about this game.

I mean, I guess I have a few comments about the game and the second of two games at Agganis this year:

- Agganis Arena actually looked good for basketball. Instead of leaving all the seating they tarped and curtained off the sections behind each hoop. In addition there were raised bleachers, about 7 rows deep. The whole set up was much better than it had been in the past and makes me wonder if this team could ever play EVERY game of their season in the Greek.

- Marqus Blakely has the worst mohawk of all time. Jesus and I named it Susan and it rules his life.

- Cory Lowe needs to come back. We can't score 60 points without him. Obviously this presents a major problem when TRYING TO WIN GAMES.

- Best dance contest dance ever. Imitated exactly like it:
I had to bro grab the winner after he won the iPod.

- This team needs a lot but I think the biggest need is a big man other than Scott Brittain. Ibi had his blocks against Vermont but Blakely hauled down 17 rebounds. Jesus God.

At Maine tonight without Corey again. *Sigh*

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