January 23, 2008

BU vs. UMBC - 1/22/08

Hi, I'm an older, less attractive version of the Hot Dog with a sweet f*cking stache. Tonight I'll be watching the game against UMBC. I think we can win this thing, seriously. The America East is such a clusterf*ck, anythings possible. Let's get back to .500 in the AEC!

And here come the Terriers. Yes, yes, everyone looks healthy. There's Scott, looking ready. What, what is this? Corey Lowe. NOOOOOOOOO. No. No!!1! Crutches? Wearing a sweater with UMBC colors on our bench? Say it ain't so.

Nice. 5-5 at the first timeout. Not bad, decent start. Wait a minute, no, come on we have to score. This is some bullsh*t. A 22-7 run for UMBC. I hate you Jay Greene!

Ahhhh! 22 point loss. HEAD EXPLOSION!!!!!

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