January 16, 2008

BU vs. Dartmouth - 1/15/07

This game got rescheduled from the snow out on December 13th and I don't really know what can be said. This team is probably the worst Terrier team in recent history. Those words aren't even coming from my mouth. That's coming from most of the people I read on the USCHO message boards.

This team can't win a one goal game and has difficulty winning when they score less than 5 goals. Terrible really. Last night, 2-1 BU heading into the third. 3-2 final, Dartmouth's last goal coming with a minute and 38 seconds remaining in the game. Put i by JT Wyman, it came right after they BU student section must not have heard/believed in offsides and Joe Pereira continued playing, sliding the puck in Mike Devine's five hole. I knew it didn't count but for some reason half 118 cheered like we scored/won. Ha-ha-ha.

It doesn't help that Karson is out for about 5 weeks. I thought Bennett was the key but apparently the keyhole is a little different from him, cause he's really not fitting.

The only thing I can hope for now is a Beanpot (miracle) and a Hockey East (miracle) run. I've never felt worse about this hockey team in my 1.5 years at BU. I miss you John Curry.

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