January 21, 2008

BU vs. Albany - 1/15/08, BU vs. Stony Brook - 1/19/08

I would say that White Out Night at Case was a huge success. Minus the fact that BU was beat from what seemed like the opening minutes of the game. This is a pattern that has existed the entire season. The Terriers will dig themselves into a double digit sized hole and play from behind the entire game.

This obviously needs to change if we want to compete for an AEC title.

It was really great to see Case completely full on one side by people in white shirts. I love the atmosphere and environment so much more when it's a packed house. If this continues the rest of the year Case will be a tough place for opposing teams to play. I'll take whatever advantage we can get at this point.

After the 70-63 loss to UA the Terriers traveled to Long Island to take on basement dwellers, Stony Brook. I was at the women's game for most of the afternoon and only started listening to the game once there were 5 minutes remaining. Again, I find that BU dug themselves into a deficit. Unlike most games though, they captured a lead and eventually a win, 59-52.

Tyler seems to be coming back. Corey seems to be getting beat up (DNP vs. SB - swollen knee). But that will happen when one person tries to do the work of 12 men. I saw him at the movies last night (Cloverfield [poor ending IMO]) on crutches. That is not a good sign when there is a game against probably the best team in the league TOMORROW (UMBC).

I always laugh when I see BU box scores because a player can go from getting nearly every minute in the game to getting 1 minute the next (Gotzler) with a Wolff coaching system. It's kind of scary that more than half way through the year the Terriers still don't have a starting 5.

On a much MUCH brighter note, the Terrier women are awesome. This team is so fun to watch. I mean, they made a fan out of me after they beat Hartford with a buzzer beater, but after their literal decimation of Stony Brook, 89-40, there is no way I could stop going to their games.

Coach Greenberg should think about charging Coach Wolff for some lessons on how to get a team to rebound. Maybe that's what happened before the men's team left for LI. Greenberg probably worked the shit out of them on glass drills which equaled a tie in rebounding between BU and SB. Nice?!

On the other hand, BU women - 61 rebounds. SB women - 39 rebounds.

I am disappointed though. 100 points seemed like it was going to be reached without a problem. The ladies were well on pace until about 5 minutes left when they just decided to stop producing. Oh well, I don't think if that goal was achieved the fans would've received any give away anyways. That should be changed, I'm just tryin' to get some free Qdoba.

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