January 21, 2008

BU @ BC - 1/19/07

BU kind of needed a 4 point weekend. I suppose a 3 point weekend would suffice.

After nearly blowing a 5-1 lead, the men's hockey team traveled out of Merrimack with 2 points, winning 6-4. They came out hot and really, played a better game than BC did. Despite this, each team scored the same amount and each got one point. BU was winning after two periods though. They had to play 1 good period of hockey. They instead got to play bonus minutes.

This is from the USCHO message boards, from a poster named Mookie. He's put together BU's Shots on Goal vs. their opponents/the score after 2 periods/and the final result:

35-15/winning 1-0/lost 2-3
30-23/tied 3-3/tied 4-4
31-27/tied 1-1/lost 1-4
32-30/losing 1-2/lost 2-4
24-34/losing 1-3/lost 2-6
34-22/winning 3-1/won 5-2
42-19/losing 2-4/won 7-4
29-28/tied 2-2/lost 3-5
37-23/losing 1-2/tied 2-2
36-17/winning 5-1/won 9-1
28-18/losing 3-4/lost 4-5
40-20/tied 1-1/lost 1-2
42-28/winning 4-1/won 6-3
35-39/losing 1-5/lost 2-6
44-25/losing 2-3/lost 3-4
25-27/tied 2-2/lost 3-4
32-19/winning 5-2/won 5-2
38-34//tied 2-2/tied 2-2
30-16/winning 2-1/won 3-1
33-17/winning 2-1/lost 2-3
32-24/winning 5-2/won 6-4
40-20/winning 2-1/tied 2-2

6 times this season this team has been winning or tied after 2 periods and lost the game. Only once has this team won a game when heading into the third period losing.

Rather inconsistent and it kind of shows that it is not easy for this team to win close games. Does BU really need to be ahead by at least 2/3 goals to capture wins? I hope not because it'll be a shorter season if that is the case. @ UNH/vs. UNH this weekend. Should be tough.

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