January 30, 2008

Roadtrip: BU @ UNH - 1/26/08

During the home women's basketball game against Hartford (the only game in which I've ever stormed the court) Jesus and I won a free trip with team to UNH. At first I was like "really?" Come last Saturday, I was pumped. When Jesus and I had attended women's games the Lady Terriers were 2-0. Without us, slightly more losses. The ladies wanted us there, they needed their first conference road win. Here is a chronicle, of our epic day with the women's basketball team:

7:30 AM - I can't remember the last time I've woke up this early. Really. I've never seen this early hour of the morning. My mom wakes me with a phone call. She's such a doll. I sleep for like another half hour, crawl out of bed to the shower and get my shit together.

8:23 - Jesus and I leave our place, across from Marsh Plaza, to get to the BU Central T. We were due at T Anthony's at 8:30 to meet with the team. While walking we see Superstar Christine Kinnery and Cheri Rafo wakling ahead of us. We catch up to them as they see their assistant coach across the street. She offers us a ride. Unfortunately I have to sit on Jesus' lap. This is all very discomforting.

8:28 - The assistant coach seems to think Jesus and I are some sort of one night stand. She asks us where to drop us off and we respond the T Anthony's. Christine then tells the coach that we're Hot Dog and Jesus. She thinks about it for like 5 seconds and then responds, "Ohh."

8:30 - We get dropped off. Aly Hinton and Christin Folk are already there. They want to eat their breakfast first. And I don't blame them.

8:32 - Jesus and I sit down at a table and wait for our food. We each pound our bagel sandwiches and sit and wait. The women's team is just beginning to eat. And damn, do they go hard for breakfast. I'm talkin' the works, pancakes, toast, bagels, sausage, bacon, eggs, everything that is delicious. I began regretting only getting a sausage, egg and cheese.

8:45 - We head to the bus and wait while the team gets dressed.

9:15 - Sitting comfortably in the second row window seat I stare out the window as the bus departs from outside of Case.

9:20 - I love looking at the backside of BU when going on the Mass Pike. That evil Photonics building. The funny thing is when it's night they have BOSTON UNIVERSITY lit up on the side of it, but one of the lights is out! LOLZ.

9:25 - I can't stay awake. Hello iPod, hello sleep.

10:35 - I awake right as we pull into UNH. Does anyone else ever notice that. Like, you'll sleep the whole car/bus ride and never wake up until right when you're getting to your destination and/or rest stop.

10:45 - Jesus and I sprawl out in the empty gym. Tyrone Conley of UNH was playing someone one on one. Whoever the other guy was, he was getting pwn3d. And he definitely knew it.

11:00 - UNH women come out to warm up. They look terrible, maybe explaining why they were 0-4 in conference. LOLZ.

11:05 - BU comes out to warm up. I'm dying here, I need a coffee. The dude working the stand said come back in 5 minutes, but that was like 15 minutes ago.

11:15 - I finally. Have. Coffee.

11:20 - Jesus realizes he's drinking flat Coke. He looks at the expiration and sure enough, it was May of last year. He gets a new one but only after saying this Coke comes from December, 2007. LOLZ.

11:30 - UNH band moves us from our seats to behind the BU bench. Fine.

11:35 - We change in the open. I hear a little girl say, "oh my god why is he wearing a hot dog?"

11:45 - The UNH mascot walks buy. Jesus extends for a high five but pulls it behind his ear while the Wildcat is in mid swing. LOLZ.

11:55 - The first person to ask us why we are doing what we're doing. He needs three explanations, leaving even more confused.

12:00 - Tip off. I'm too into the game to try to write down my innermost thoughts.

12:50 - Half time. 35-29 after a late 11-0 UNH run.

1:20 - A high school friend who goes to UNH shows up. He distracts me from the game as he talks about how many pokes he gets from BU kids. (Whenever BU plays UNH I put his name up as a poke target on TOCOTH. LOLZ.)

1:50 - Wow. Ally Hinton wins this game. At the last second. We stole this one. Wow. I am ecstatic. We wait it out for a while then head to the bus.

12:05 - Aboard the bus there are sandwiches waiting for us. Thaz what I'm talkin' 'bout. Jesus and I begin eating and watch the players board. Giving them rounds of applause and fist pounds.

12:15 - The bus leaves. The coaches allow 15 minutes to let the ladies use their phones/eat/relax until they put on the game film. The assistants point out what the players should not for their 6:30-10:00 AM Monday film/practice/lift sessions. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. They are truly warriors.

Once again, they thrilled me. 2/3 games have been won on last second shots. One has been a blowout. Now I sit here after this team became 4-0 tonight against UMBC. They are 4-0 when Jesus and I are there, 6-0 at Case. This team has it. They're clicking right now. Despite having their top post player out for tonights game, they still outrebounded UMBC 50-29. A. My God, A. Amaraci had 9 offensive rebounds, 16 total. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

I can't wait until Saturday FOR THE WOMEN'S BASKETBALL GAME. I hope to see you there.

BU vs. UNH - 1/26/08

I'm going to get to the real show, Women's Basketball which was on Saturday too. But I just want to QUICKLY talk about this hockey team:

In what was probably a "we need two points" weekend the Terriers come up with a goose egg and lost the one vote that they received last week in the top 20 NCAA hockey rankings.

I listened to the first period on Friday. I watched the entire game on Saturday. Both had incredibly similar storylines: BU goes down. BU ties it back up. BU can't shoot. BU loses.

What must Brett Bennett be thinking and feeling when the team in front of him can't put 10 shots on target in the 3rd period? It's been the talk of the season, this team (minus the UML game at home) doesn't come to play in the third period. They simply don't show up.

What more can be said? There aren't many answers for this team and really there aren't even that many questions. Everyone knows there is no way this team makes tournament play unless they win Hockey East. A Beanpot would be nice but I don't think we deserve it this season.

The thing I ponder most these days with this team is whether or not Terrier Nation will be treated to see Colin Wilson return next season. As a top 10 NHL draft pick for the upcoming NHL draft and playing on the Terriers, I don't think it would be a difficult decision for me, personally, to choose between a pro contract (even if it's AHL) and college hockey. Rather, BU hockey.
Oh, and Agganis has been the bain of Terrier hockey existence recently. After Joe's goal to knot the score at 3 the place was electric. Then there was a television commercial break and the jumbotron flashed advertisements. When play resumed the arena had no where near the same amount of energy. It helps when there is a "7th man" in hockey. Hell, that's one more than they normally play with!

BU vs. UVM - 1/25/08

I've delayed writing this because:

1. I've been busy
2. I don't have much to say about this game.

I mean, I guess I have a few comments about the game and the second of two games at Agganis this year:

- Agganis Arena actually looked good for basketball. Instead of leaving all the seating they tarped and curtained off the sections behind each hoop. In addition there were raised bleachers, about 7 rows deep. The whole set up was much better than it had been in the past and makes me wonder if this team could ever play EVERY game of their season in the Greek.

- Marqus Blakely has the worst mohawk of all time. Jesus and I named it Susan and it rules his life.

- Cory Lowe needs to come back. We can't score 60 points without him. Obviously this presents a major problem when TRYING TO WIN GAMES.

- Best dance contest dance ever. Imitated exactly like it:
I had to bro grab the winner after he won the iPod.

- This team needs a lot but I think the biggest need is a big man other than Scott Brittain. Ibi had his blocks against Vermont but Blakely hauled down 17 rebounds. Jesus God.

At Maine tonight without Corey again. *Sigh*

January 24, 2008

Winterfest Weekend


1. Corey Lowe might not be playing (knee injury). Against Vermont tomorrow at Agganis, that's no good.

2. Jesus and I probably would go to the Women's game on Saturday but we're going to New Hampshire with the Women's Basketball team for the game. With the team (including breakfast). I've never been more pumped to ride on a bus full of girls for 2 hours +. Gonna be sweeeeeeeet.

3. I don't understand why the picture says 25-27. Yes, it starts on the 25th, yet ends on the 26th, not the 27th!1?!

January 23, 2008

BU vs. UMBC - 1/22/08

Hi, I'm an older, less attractive version of the Hot Dog with a sweet f*cking stache. Tonight I'll be watching the game against UMBC. I think we can win this thing, seriously. The America East is such a clusterf*ck, anythings possible. Let's get back to .500 in the AEC!

And here come the Terriers. Yes, yes, everyone looks healthy. There's Scott, looking ready. What, what is this? Corey Lowe. NOOOOOOOOO. No. No!!1! Crutches? Wearing a sweater with UMBC colors on our bench? Say it ain't so.

Nice. 5-5 at the first timeout. Not bad, decent start. Wait a minute, no, come on we have to score. This is some bullsh*t. A 22-7 run for UMBC. I hate you Jay Greene!

Ahhhh! 22 point loss. HEAD EXPLOSION!!!!!

January 21, 2008

BU @ BC - 1/19/07

BU kind of needed a 4 point weekend. I suppose a 3 point weekend would suffice.

After nearly blowing a 5-1 lead, the men's hockey team traveled out of Merrimack with 2 points, winning 6-4. They came out hot and really, played a better game than BC did. Despite this, each team scored the same amount and each got one point. BU was winning after two periods though. They had to play 1 good period of hockey. They instead got to play bonus minutes.

This is from the USCHO message boards, from a poster named Mookie. He's put together BU's Shots on Goal vs. their opponents/the score after 2 periods/and the final result:

35-15/winning 1-0/lost 2-3
30-23/tied 3-3/tied 4-4
31-27/tied 1-1/lost 1-4
32-30/losing 1-2/lost 2-4
24-34/losing 1-3/lost 2-6
34-22/winning 3-1/won 5-2
42-19/losing 2-4/won 7-4
29-28/tied 2-2/lost 3-5
37-23/losing 1-2/tied 2-2
36-17/winning 5-1/won 9-1
28-18/losing 3-4/lost 4-5
40-20/tied 1-1/lost 1-2
42-28/winning 4-1/won 6-3
35-39/losing 1-5/lost 2-6
44-25/losing 2-3/lost 3-4
25-27/tied 2-2/lost 3-4
32-19/winning 5-2/won 5-2
38-34//tied 2-2/tied 2-2
30-16/winning 2-1/won 3-1
33-17/winning 2-1/lost 2-3
32-24/winning 5-2/won 6-4
40-20/winning 2-1/tied 2-2

6 times this season this team has been winning or tied after 2 periods and lost the game. Only once has this team won a game when heading into the third period losing.

Rather inconsistent and it kind of shows that it is not easy for this team to win close games. Does BU really need to be ahead by at least 2/3 goals to capture wins? I hope not because it'll be a shorter season if that is the case. @ UNH/vs. UNH this weekend. Should be tough.

BU vs. Albany - 1/15/08, BU vs. Stony Brook - 1/19/08

I would say that White Out Night at Case was a huge success. Minus the fact that BU was beat from what seemed like the opening minutes of the game. This is a pattern that has existed the entire season. The Terriers will dig themselves into a double digit sized hole and play from behind the entire game.

This obviously needs to change if we want to compete for an AEC title.

It was really great to see Case completely full on one side by people in white shirts. I love the atmosphere and environment so much more when it's a packed house. If this continues the rest of the year Case will be a tough place for opposing teams to play. I'll take whatever advantage we can get at this point.

After the 70-63 loss to UA the Terriers traveled to Long Island to take on basement dwellers, Stony Brook. I was at the women's game for most of the afternoon and only started listening to the game once there were 5 minutes remaining. Again, I find that BU dug themselves into a deficit. Unlike most games though, they captured a lead and eventually a win, 59-52.

Tyler seems to be coming back. Corey seems to be getting beat up (DNP vs. SB - swollen knee). But that will happen when one person tries to do the work of 12 men. I saw him at the movies last night (Cloverfield [poor ending IMO]) on crutches. That is not a good sign when there is a game against probably the best team in the league TOMORROW (UMBC).

I always laugh when I see BU box scores because a player can go from getting nearly every minute in the game to getting 1 minute the next (Gotzler) with a Wolff coaching system. It's kind of scary that more than half way through the year the Terriers still don't have a starting 5.

On a much MUCH brighter note, the Terrier women are awesome. This team is so fun to watch. I mean, they made a fan out of me after they beat Hartford with a buzzer beater, but after their literal decimation of Stony Brook, 89-40, there is no way I could stop going to their games.

Coach Greenberg should think about charging Coach Wolff for some lessons on how to get a team to rebound. Maybe that's what happened before the men's team left for LI. Greenberg probably worked the shit out of them on glass drills which equaled a tie in rebounding between BU and SB. Nice?!

On the other hand, BU women - 61 rebounds. SB women - 39 rebounds.

I am disappointed though. 100 points seemed like it was going to be reached without a problem. The ladies were well on pace until about 5 minutes left when they just decided to stop producing. Oh well, I don't think if that goal was achieved the fans would've received any give away anyways. That should be changed, I'm just tryin' to get some free Qdoba.

January 16, 2008

BU vs. Albany - 1/16/07

See you there...

BU vs. Dartmouth - 1/15/07

This game got rescheduled from the snow out on December 13th and I don't really know what can be said. This team is probably the worst Terrier team in recent history. Those words aren't even coming from my mouth. That's coming from most of the people I read on the USCHO message boards.

This team can't win a one goal game and has difficulty winning when they score less than 5 goals. Terrible really. Last night, 2-1 BU heading into the third. 3-2 final, Dartmouth's last goal coming with a minute and 38 seconds remaining in the game. Put i by JT Wyman, it came right after they BU student section must not have heard/believed in offsides and Joe Pereira continued playing, sliding the puck in Mike Devine's five hole. I knew it didn't count but for some reason half 118 cheered like we scored/won. Ha-ha-ha.

It doesn't help that Karson is out for about 5 weeks. I thought Bennett was the key but apparently the keyhole is a little different from him, cause he's really not fitting.

The only thing I can hope for now is a Beanpot (miracle) and a Hockey East (miracle) run. I've never felt worse about this hockey team in my 1.5 years at BU. I miss you John Curry.

Winter Road Trip: January 5th

January 5th featured not only a hockey game against Vermont but our first Women's Basketball game of our 1.5 year career. And let me tell you, they made a fan out of me.

Do me a favor, go to this site and watch that video. (If you have a Mac you're pretty much sh*t out of luck). Yes, that is a half court buzzer beater that needed to be made to win the game, and yes, that changed my life. I am a fan and I will be at every women's game the rest of the year because they are the only Terrier team playing right now with a winning record.

After this buzzer beater, nothing really mattered. I didn't seem too bothered by a 2-2 tie with UVM later that night on what was an amazing goal for the Catamount's second score. Amazing because I couldn't believe it. Literally, Karson Gillespie didn't see it and it sailed right past his face and into the back of the net. He then put his hands out like "WTF?!" Oh well. 2-2-1 on the roadtrip, not bad.

January 4, 2008

Winter Road Trip: Holy Cross

Jesus and I drove the Acura 50 minutes to Worcester on Wednesday night for BU's first Men's Basketball game of 2008. I wanted to win this one so bad even though we were going up against what is probably the best team in the Patriot League.

We got to HC about an hour before tip off and found our seats immediately. Right behind the BU bench near the floor, just like the tickets Scott Brittain usually gets for us. (Thanks again, Scott.)

Almost immediately I hear an old man in the section above and behind us yell, "hot dog." I turn around and this a-hole says, "you look like a fool." Now, I'm trying to turn a new leaf for '08 and be more mature/professional at away games. I'm reppin' the school and don't want to give it a bad name. I would usually get into it with this most likely alum from the 50's. However, this time, I choose to ignore it. Yay me.

Nothing really unusual happened until the game started. Jesus and I would always yell a players name three times followed by "you suck" when a player on another team was shooting a free throw. We resumed our usual routine up until about 7 minutes into the game when I heard a police officer call "hot dog."

I went over to him as he motioned for me to come talk. He asked about our fandom and them told me the general manager of the arena wants us to stop yelling "you suck" or we'd be kicked out. I can't say no to that. HC fans of course could yell "hot dog you suck" which they did the rest of the game. No biggie. I guess our yelling was working to well against the 'Saders at the line.

We played the best first half I had seen the Terriers play in a while, we were only down one.

Jesus and I got some food during halftime and returned to our seats. Right as we sat down I noticed a man coming down towards us higher from the bleacher seats. I realize it's Hockey Coach Jack Parker. He comes toward us and shakes both our hands as he says, "you boys travel well." We nod and as he leaves he says "take care" to which I respond, "take care Parker." I don't even call him coach. What the hell came over me? What was I thinking? Such disrespect. I feel terrible, even now. That man deserves more than being called by his last name. Hell, I don't even let people do that to me unless I know them for at least a year.

Anyways, the Terriers lost another close one. Los Strong is a beast. He was so amazingly clutch the entire night. Every shot that needed to be taken and made, he made. Man, he's good and I think should get clear recognition for Most Improved Player of the Year in the AE even at this point.

Holy Cross fans were so much more polite and nice to us than anywhere else I'd been minus BU. They didn't give us any shit except for the one jerkoff who called me a fool when we got there.

The Terriers enter conference play dropping 3 straight but I feel like this is the time that the team is getting it together.

The key is not falling down early. The last 3 games BU all got trapped and fell behind by at least double figures in all three games. This certainly doesn't help as the final scores all show.

Binghamton is Sunday but neither Jesus nor I will be there. Tomorrow is hockey and AE Women's Basketball play. And actually the first BU Women's basketball game of my college career. Woot, I'm pumped!

Winter Road Trip: Merrimack

Jesus and I didn't need travel anywhere for this one, other than Harry Agganis Arena. We chose to eat at our favorite pregame restaurant, Spike's Junkyard Dogs. Nothing beats a Rancher Dog. NOTHING.

Anyways, we got to HAA around half an hour before puck drop but was we were walking toward the alley way next to the arena we usually change in when games occur during breaks we both realized that Jesus hadn't brought his headband or beard. This created a problem since Jesus isn't Jesus without a beard. I went in while Jesus took off back to our apartment to hopefully find his facial accessory.

This may have been the best thing to happen us this night. Or at least what triggered it.

See, every hockey game Jesus and I buy six 50/50 tickets from the Dance Team at the entrance of the concourse. I went in, bought my own 50/50 tickets. Jesus showed up to the empty student section right as the Terriers had been introduced. He too had bought 6 tickets. This is twice the amount we usually have each game.

Midway through the second period, with the Terriers already well ahead in the contest, the Dance Team Rafflers approached us to buy one more group of tickets. We couldn't object because, well, they're the Dance Team. How could we say no. Jesus and I bought six more, telling the BUDT to rig it. Something we tell them every time, with minimal results.

Come the third period with about 5 minutes remaining the game was pretty much over. For once BU had dominated an entire game and played well in nearly every area. We even got to see Parker FREAK OUT at the refs for penalizing the wrong player. (This was later made right by the beginning of the third period.) The PA announcer came on to announce the 50/50 winner. I checked my 6 tickets, none of which matched. All of a sudden Jesus is screaming, "we did it, we f-cking did it! We won." WE HAD WON THE 50/50. My God, we won!??!

Of course I expected the find out the BUDT rigged it. However, when I checked with them they told me they had no hand in the winning ticket. The game ended and Jesus and I rolled on a 1 game win streak and $549 extra. SWEEEET.