December 24, 2007

A semester in review

Well, we're through one semester already and perhaps our posting hasn't been as much/good as we had initially hoped. But then again neither has the play of either men's sports teams.

BU men's basketball and hockey have combined for a total of 7 and a half wins in the first semester of 2007. (The half being the victory over the Under-18 US National team. They're not even a real team and that game actually doesn't count for anything. That's why I'm giving it half a win.) This is not what I expected for this season.

I really thought that entering 2008 the hockey team would have at least 10 wins. What I didn't realize was the the defense is a lot weaker than last year. Of course, that's because the defense is a product of the goalie and furthermore, the goalie is a product of the defense. Last year with Curry, everyone was made better. This year with a mediocre rotation of 3 it's been kind of painful. Sigh. I don't know what can be said about this team, other than, maybe we can make a run in January that will carry us out of the bottom of the Hockey East to possibly a 5 seed. Hopefully this isn't wishful thinking.

And when it rains, it pours. In the midst of back-to-back loses against BC four of the key players on the team were suspended without much detail as to what they did. The generally accepted theory was that they released a baby tiger on campus. Since Parker isn't giving the fans/press much to work with it's the only thing I can believe. Regardless, it will be good to have the Baby Tiger 4 back in action on the 30th.

It's too bad that the basketball team won't be entering conference play with a winning record. Then again there won't be nearly any teams in the America East entering conference play with winning records. (UMBC is the only one right now) Overall, the America East is 38-54 at this juncture. This pretty much puts the conference at 27th out of 32 in Division 1 basketball.

At this point it seems like anyone could win the America East and the immaculate sophomore season of the big 3 hasn't panned out as well as everyone had hoped. At least Corey Lowe has reached 500 points in about 30 games. Impressive Corey, now please don't transfer.

Speaking of transfer, highly recruited Will Creekmore has peaced out after only 7 games. Some people blame Coach Wolff. I don't really blame anyone. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be as this school has seen time and time again with Wolff's recruits. In Creekmore's 7 games with the team that really helped was shoot free throws, and he only shot 6 of them. Looking at it this way, BU is 1-1 without him. I only wish he had showed a little more dedication to this team. It's Bobby Petrino-esque to bail out like that, but I understand he had to do what he thought was best for him.

I could rant and rave about my disappointment for this past semester, but that will get no one anywhere. No matter how piss poor the records of each squad become I won't give up on either teams. Anything could happen at any moment for either of these teams that will turn the season completely around. Hopefully you'll be there with Jesus and I every step of the way.

And also, this is a promise, we will post more in the new year. We'll give game recaps, updates and stories as best we can during the Spring semester.

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