October 14, 2007

Midnight Madness: Cardboard Cutouts, David Barth, and Tuition Money

It was great to be back in Case again watching The Dance Team perform.


Oh, it was great to see the basketball teams, too.

Aside from my own skills on the mic (that’s not in my contract), I must say that Midnight Madness was a great season kick-off. It’s good to show the freshmen what The Roof looks like with more filled seats than empty seats. After all, only a few of us have had the opportunity to see such a glorious turnout at an actual BU basketball game, if any.

Unfortunately, The Hot Dog could not attend because he had prior commitments at his half-brother’s wedding (his half-brother is a sausage), but he was there in spirit, as well as in cardboard. We are planning on asking the whole basketball team to autograph the cardboard cutout and raffle it off to one lucky fan. Proceeds will go to starving hot dogs in Worcester, a charity called “Food For Food,” cleverly labeled FFF. Let me know your thoughts on the idea.

The image of the basketball team dancing to Soulja Boy will forever be embedded in my memory. I thought it was the funniest thing I have ever seen until a man in a cape dashed out onto the floor and electrified the crowd, and it only got better. Yes, that is right: A cape, aviators, a headband, BU basketball, and Soulja Boy all in one. Thank you David Barth.

Finally, the night concluded with a lucky fan’s shot at $50,000 for tuition money. We learned one thing from this competition: However hard it may be to come up with the $50,000 to pay for tuition, it’s even harder to steal it back from BU. A lay-up, free-throw, three-point shot, and half-court shot in 25 seconds?  I was ready to storm the floor after the half-court shot was made, but I left early to go buy a lottery ticket; I think my chances are better with that. Does anyone know if he made it?!

Midnight Madness was truly a good time and I hope BU athletics was able to persuade more than 25 students to regularly attend games. The combination of a solid non-conference schedule, a few Agganis Arena games, and a promising team with lots of talent will hopefully set our team on the right path to success.


The Hot Dog and Jesus will be there every step of the way. Section 2, row 1.