August 24, 2007

Just in Case You Don't Know Us

We’re sure you’ve seen us at Boston University hockey games starting the coast-to-coast (♥ Tom Morrow) and ugly goalie chants.

We’re sure you’ve us at Boston University basketball games, cheering almost too intensely for Scott Brittain.

We’re sure you’ve seen us at Boston University lacrosse games starting verbal arguments with mothers of Stanford University women’s lacrosse players.

We’re sure you’ve seen us at basketball games not just adoring the dance team, but pushing for more court time for them.

We’re sure you’ve seen us at the America East basketball tournament verbally assaulting Chris Holmes and the Vermont cheerleading team even when they weren’t in uniform.

We’re sure you’ve seen us on the ice at Agganis between periods, while one of us missed four shots on four nets the other buried one for a free roundtrip flight anywhere in the United States.

We’re sure you’ve seen us be threatened with physical violence by University of Massachusetts alumni after a game and asked “want to take it outside,” only until Dean Elmore stepped in.

We’re sure you’ve seen us in Providence University heckling the hockey manager only after he started a Facebook message war with us, only to verbally dominate him so badly he sprayed water on us while a Providence police officer escorted us out of the building.

We’re sure you’ve seen us in costume at almost any game you’ve been to at Boston University, because Jesus knows we’ve never missed one.

We are the Hot Dog and Jesus. During each BU sporting event we dress to impress and we do our best to be true fans. NOT Superfans.

Throughout the year we will be blogging our opinions on all issues involving Terrier sports. We will provide a (very biased) perspective from the stands. And by stands we don’t just mean 118.